The People of Singapore is an independent project by a sole “micro social journalist.” The project is not affiliated with any organisation.

The person behind the project is not a Singaporean born and bread but has lived in Singapore for 22 years and is active in the local NGO community. She (yup it’s not a dude) prefers to not be the face of the project but for the pictures to speak for themselves, hence the low profile.

The project was inspired by Humans of New York but was largely motivated by discussions about national identity.

“I want to show the richness of culture and diversity in Singapore and to challenge assumptions about stereotypes. I would also like to provide an authentic alternative to the negativity in social media. But ultimately, I hope to show the value of individuals beyond their measure in dollars and cents.” – Robin

Most of the individuals featured are chance encounters on the street, in hawker centres or in cabs. Occasionally, word of an interesting person instigates a “field trip” to try find them. It is not possible, however, to follow up on all requests to feature specific individuals.

The photos are taken whenever there is free time. For any given photo that appears on the page, usually hundreds more are discarded. It takes 20-30 hours of week which is fit in around work as an IT and social media consultant.

The People of Singapore appeared in the Sunday Times feature by Wong Kim Hoh on April 7th. The article is available online to those with a premium account.

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