The Numismatist


Mr. Ow is the treasurer of the Numismatic Society of Asia – the society of money and stamp collectors. A collection of collectors so to speak.

Every Sunday stamp, note and coin collectors gather behind Smith Street food centre to sell their collectibles. A dozen booths and tables line the walls with stamps and notes from all over the world.


But perhaps the most interesting are the notes from Singapore: bank notes from the Japanese occupation, notes from the early days of Independence, notes with flaws.


At one end of the tables, a group of men sort through old stamps. There are less and less to sort through these days as snail mail gets replaced by modern technology.


One family comes every week in an effort to monetise their inheritance, “We’re not collectors but dad was. So now we have all this which we are trying to sell.”

That’s one way to get your kids to take an interest in your hobby.

3rd floor, 4 Sago Lane