The Entrepreneur

Tai Hui Ai

Madam Tai is 80.

She used to run a provision shop on Beach Rd block 8. Business was great but eventually the landlord stopped renewing her lease.

She becomes animated as she talks about the hustle and bustle of the old business. The shop may be gone but she’s still an entrepreneur at heart.

Like many people her age, these days she doesn’t need to work but wants to get out and stay busy. Her health is a bit weak (“Everyday must eat medicine for diabetes and high blood! It’s very tiresome!”) but she always seems to be in good spirits.

“Don’t you get tired?”

“No – this makes me happy. I get to meet lots of people and many people talk with me. It’s better than staying at home!”

And look at all that stuff. This isn’t just another tissue aunty! The entrepreneur lives on.