Two Wheel Action


Tomorrow (April 12) KC is off on his first big cycling trip outside Singapore.

“Two weeks in Taiwan.”

This includes some killer climbs up to 2000+ metres.

He’s 62 and only took the sport up 6 years ago.

“I took it up when I retired. I was able to retire early thanks to my daughter!” He flashes a big thumbs up to indicate he thinks she’s awesome.

When he’s not cycling, he works in Ubin “doing just about everything. I’m particularly good at digging holes!”

“Hey is that a foldable bike?”

“Yeah it’s almost identical to a Brompton.”

His friend Chris takes his queue to chime in, “But less than half the price! ha ha!” They both start LOLing.

“So where’s the best place to cycle?”

“Just go check out lovecyclingsg on Facebook. They are the nicest people in the world. No macho stuff. Just cycling, makan and fun.”

Sounds good.

– Kampong Glam

(Found surfing… a great close up here! )