Hakim has lived in Singapore for 4 years working in construction. In two months his contract ends and he’s heading home to Bangladesh. It will be the first time he’s seen his two kids since he left. They are now 10 (a girl) and 6 (a boy).

He spent Sunday afternoon trying to lure fish with bits of bread tied to the end of a string. It’s his favourite pastime.

“If you spend your day off jalan jalan you lose money.”

“How so?”

“Lose money buy makan. Lose money buy things. No good.”

His English is good and he throws in some Malay and Hokkien here and there.

“You can speak Hokkien?”

“No just Singapore language. Singapore language very mixed one.”

Although he is glad to be reunited with his family, his departure is bittersweet. He will miss it here.

“I really love Singapore.”