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Every Sunday stamp, note and coin collectors gather behind Smith Street food centre to sell their collectibles. A dozen booths and tables line the walls with stamps and notes from all over the world.

The Numismatist

Swee sells carvings and trinkets in Chinatown near Smith Street food market. Many of his carvings are penis-shaped incense holders. He got his tattoos, which are typical symbols of Thai Buddhism, at a temple in Bangkok. “I grew up in a Taoist household. Then 10…


“During the course of the ritual, I will come to know if she is a virgin. But I will never tell. No matter how the family begs me, I will not say. This is the ethics of our profession.”

Makcik Saniah, Mak Andam

Work hard and you’ll have no regrets.


You have to persevere until the revolution is won.